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Eye Surgery from Our Ophthalmologist in Phoenix

When you visit ophthalmologists in Phoenix, you may have concerns about the health of your eyes and changes to your vision. Surgical procedures may offer a solution to help your vision and eyes recover, but the specific options available for your needs may depend on the changes to your vision. Eye doctors in Phoenix focus on your situation and recommend treatments to address your concerns.

If you need an eye surgery or think you might don't hesitate to contact our ophthalmologist in Phoenix. We can help you; call us today!

What is an Eye Surgery?

An eye surgery refers to any surgical treatment focused on improving your vision and health. Phoenix ophthalmologists recommend a surgical procedure when your eyes are healthy enough for the procedure and it may help slow or stop the changes to your vision.

Generally, a Phoenix eye surgery uses a laser to address specific problems or changes with your eyes. LASIK treatments are a common type of surgical procedure for nearsightedness. You may also benefit from treatments designed to help farsightedness or a surgical implant.

Surgical Procedures Offered by Our Phoenix Opthalmologist

The procedures we offer at Eye Doctors of Arizona depend on your situation and needs. Generally, we recommend LASIK surgery for nearsightedness or similar problems with your vision. We may recommend more complex treatments when your eyes require an artificial lens implant.

For farsightedness, we generally use conductive keratoplasty, or CK, to steepen the shape of your cornea and improve your vision. The treatment uses a probe and low wave radio heat rather than a laser treatment used in LASIK to change your eyes and vision.

The specific recommendations depend on your situation and needs. Phoenix eye doctors in our clinic evaluate your situation and diagnose the underlying concern before making changes to your eyes or suggesting any surgical procedure. Generally, eye surgery in Phoenix is an invasive treatment and you want to understand the risks of any procedure before making the decision to treat your eyes.

When to Consider Eye Surgery in Phoenix

Eye surgery in Phoenix is a decision you make after ophthalmologists in Phoenix recommend the treatment. We usually evaluate your eyes and the health of your eyes before suggesting any surgical procedures.

Usually, the treatment is best when you notice significant visual changes and your eyes are healthy enough for the treatment. You do not want to go through the treatment if you have certain chronic health conditions. We do not recommend eye surgery if you have an auto-immune condition, an immunodeficiency concern or if you take medications for certain health concerns. We may also recommend alternative therapies and treatments if you have multiple eye health conditions.

When you have unstable vision for any reason, such as pregnancy or due to a medication, we may recommend waiting until your vision stabilizes before considering surgical procedures.

Contact Us Today to Learn More about Eye Surgeries

Visiting Phoenix eye doctors for a surgical procedure requires careful consideration of your needs and situation. Phoenix eye surgery may help your eyes heal and improve, but only when you qualify for the treatment. To learn more about treating eye conditions or for an appointment with Phoenix ophthalmologists, contact us today at 602-257-8280: use Extension 1 for the Downtown Phoenix office or Extension 2 for the North Phoenix location.


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