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Here at the offices of Warren D. Heller, MD, our team of experienced Phoenix ophthalmologists is here to provide the highest level of ocular care to you and your entire family. Whether you need a routine exam or something a little more extensive, such as treatment for an ocular disease, our experienced and skilled team of Phoenix eye doctors is here to help. We provide a wide array of eye care services to suit your needs.

In need of eye care? Our team of experienced Phoenix ophthalmologists provides excellent eye care to you and your entire family. Call us today!

Routine Eye Exams

Have you had an eye exam this year? If not, then we recommend scheduling an appointment for your annual exam. After all, annual eye exams are important not just for making sure your eyewear prescription is up-to-date, but that your eyes are in good overall health as well. During an eye exam, we can perform testing to rule out any potential ocular diseases; if problems are found, we can diagnose them early and increase chances of successful treatment. We also carry a wide selection of eyeglass frames for adults and children alike.

Cataract and Glaucoma Treatment

Two of the most common ocular conditions we see and treat here in our office are cataracts and glaucoma. With cataracts, early detection is important, as your eyesight can quickly deteriorate as a cataract grows. We can provide laser treatment to break up cataracts and dissolve them naturally, improving your vision in the process. We can also provide dedicated treatment for glaucoma; our eye doctors in Phoenix can come up with a customized plan to suit your lifestyle.


Thinking about having LASIK done? If so, come see us first. We can conduct an evaluation exam to determine whether or not you're a viable candidate for LASIK. From there, we can refer you to an area LASIK surgeon, where you can have the actual procedure done. Following your procedure, we'll work closely with your surgeon to ensure that you receive the best post-operative care and help you maximize your results.

Keratconus Exams

If the eye condition keratoconus runs in your family or if you're displaying any symptoms of it, we highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with our ophthalmologists in Phoenix as soon as possible. We can perform the necessary testing to diagnose this eye condition and provide the necessary treatment. Specifically, we can perform an eye refraction test (which will check for general vision problems) in addition to a more specific slit-lamp examination, which utilizes a low-powered microscope to evaluate the shape of your cornea and check for other related problems.

Color Testing

Many careers require color testing for certification and other authorizations; here in our office, we can test for color-related eye conditions, such as color-blindness, and provide a report to a potential employer if needed.

Hypertensive Exams

Hypertensive exams can be effective in diagnosing high blood pressure; we can perform this exam quickly in our on-site extensive optical center and provide you with quick and accurate results.

Prescriptions for Hard to Fit Contact Lenses

Many people can use standard contact lenses, but those with certain eye conditions find that these lenses don't work. This is because conditions like astigmatism and keratoconus change the shape of the cornea so that it doesn't fall within the normal spectrum of curvatures. If you've had trouble wearing contacts due to these or other conditions, we can prescribe special lenses that will work with your unique eye shape.

Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetes affects multiple body systems, including the eyes. Without the proper exams and treatment, vision deterioration and even blindness can result. We offer special diabetes-focused eye exams for those living with this disease. During these exams, we check carefully for signs of diabetic retinopathy. We also pay extra attention to screening for glaucoma and cataracts since diabetes raises the risk of these conditions. Of course, if problems are found, we treat them.

Computer Vision Treatment

If you spend several hours a day staring at computer, cell phone, and other digital screens, there's a good chance that it is bothering your eyes. Prolonged exposure to blue light and fixed distance viewing combine to cause eye strain, headaches, dry eye, and more. Come to us to get diagnosed and treated for this condition, get special glasses that filter out the blue aspect of the light from screens, and to learn techniques you can use to make your work easier on the rest of your body.

Sports Vision Testing and Treatment

A sports vision exam starts with a regular eye exam, but adds testing for capabilities related to athletic performance. This includes tests for the ability to see contrasts, how well the eyes work together, and to find out if one eye is dominant over the other. Corrections for any problems found are then offered by an ophthalmologist in Phoenix AZ at our clinic.

Dry Eye Treatment

As the name implies, dry eye disease occurs when the eyes don't produce enough tears for sufficient lubrication of the eyeball. This causes bothersome irritation that often feels like you have sand in your eyes. Over time, the irritation can become quite painful and even cause damage to your eyes.

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