Amblyopia "Lazy Eye"

Amblyopia Treatment from Your Eye Doctors in Phoenix, AZ

One of the disorders that affect some children is amblyopia, commonly called lazy eye.  Understanding more about this condition can help parents spot its symptoms and seek treatment.  The optometrists and the ophthalmologists at our practice in Phoenix, AZ offer treatment options that lower the chance of vision reduction in an affected youngster.


What is Lazy Eye?

Up to 3 percent of American children develop this disorder, considered one kind of poor vision.  Both an optometrist and an ophthalmologist make lazy eye diagnoses.

The cause of amblyopia remains unknown, although eye care professionals often link strabismus to it.  Youngsters do not outgrow the condition.

In amblyopia patients, the brain cannot process information from the affected eye as fast as it can from the other one.  While a lazy eye does affect vision, parents might not initially notice any outward signs of a problem.

When signs do appear, it might be difficult for parents to realize what they are.  Some youngsters have trouble judging how far away objects are because amblyopia affects their distance vision.  Other signs of difficulty seeing include tilting the head, shutting one eye, and squinting.  Over time, the affected eye might wander or point either outward or toward the nose.

Sometimes newborns already have lazy eye.  Risk factors for developing this disorder include:

  • • A family history of the condition, childhood cataracts, or other specific eye problems
  • • Small size at birth
  • • Developmental disabilities
  • • Premature birth

Treatment Options

Our optometrist stresses that the earlier the diagnosis of lazy eye, the more effective its treatment.  When the vision measurements in one eye are significantly worse than those in the other eye, amblyopia is a likely culprit.

If strabismus is the cause, vision therapy plus use of an eye patch can help the eyes work together.  Corrective eyewear is the treatment of choice when one eye has an uncorrected refraction problem such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.  For some children, eye drops are a better fit than patches.  In serious cases, surgery performed by an ophthalmologist helps correct the muscle when an eye has turned. 

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