Computer Vision FAQs

Too much time on the computer can strain your eyes. Eyestrain can lead to red, teary eyes, blurred vision, headaches, and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome. The following frequently asked questions from Eye Doctors of Arizona in Phoenix explain more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of computer vision.


What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision is a term used to describe the symptoms of eyestrain that result when you spend an excessive amount of time on your computer or other digital devices. This condition is quite common among people who use a computer daily within their profession.

What Are the Risks of Computer Vision?

Although computer vision won’t lead to blindness, it can temporarily hinder your visual acuity. Poor visual acuity can impact your productivity by causing you to make mistakes or forcing you to take constant breaks to minimize eyestrain symptoms.

What Causes Computer Vision?

Excessive time on the computer is the main cause of computer vision as your eyes aren’t getting enough breaks from your digital screen. Computer vision can also be caused by using improper eyewear or eyewear with the wrong prescription as it increases eyestrain when reading text on your screen. Most people tend to blink less when working on a computer, which can lead to dry eye and other computer vision symptoms.

What Are the Symptoms of Computer Vision?

Blurry vision, dry eye, teary eyes, eye strain, and headaches are common symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Over time, you can develop neck, back, and shoulder pain as well.

How Can I Avoid Computer Vision?

By taking regular breaks from your computer or digital device, you can reduce your risk of developing computer vision syndrome. Hourly breaks are best as they give your eyes a chance to rest from your screen. It’s also good to walk around during your break to reduce tension in your neck, shoulders, and back.

How Can an Eye Doctor Help with Computer Vision?

If you experience symptoms of computer vision, schedule a checkup with our Phoenix optometrist or ophthalmologists. Our eye doctors may make small adjustments to your prescription to enhance comfort or visual acuity for computer work. We may also recommend better eyewear for computer use. Adding an anti-glare coating to your eyeglasses may reduce eyestrain when reading data on your computer screen. Proper eye care is imperative to enjoying good visual acuity.

See Our Optometry or Ophthalmology Specialists for Diagnosis of Computer Vision

If you’re having problems with your vision, contact our Phoenix optometrist or ophthalmologists for an examination. Regular eye care is essential to maintaining optimal sight. To schedule an appointment, call Eye Doctors of Arizona in Phoenix at 602-257-8280 today or visit our facility at your earliest convenience.  We’re here to meet all your eye care needs.


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