Hard to Fit Contact Lenses

Do You Need Hard to Fit Contact Lenses?

When you look for an ophthalmologist in Phoenix AZ, you may come across the term "hard to fit contact lenses." You may have even been told that you need them. What are they and why are they required? Read on to learn more information!

hard to fit contact lenses from our eye doctors in phoenix

What Makes Eyes Hard to Fit?

Several conditions can make it uncomfortable or even impossible to wear standard contact lenses. In many cases, the problem is one of fit. Standard contacts only fit on eyes within a specific range of curvatures, and those that are outside the range don't work well with these lenses.

The top conditions that fit this category cause unusual changes to the shape of Do You Need Hard to Fit Contact Lenses?the cornea. Keratoconus, for example, causes the cornea to bulge out to an abnormal extent. Standard contact lenses don't account for this bulge, so they are uncomfortable or painful to wear. Astigmatism also changes the shape of the eye so that contact lenses don't fit right. Giant papillary conjunctivitis, LASIK eye surgery, and other conditions can also make it too uncomfortable to wear typical contacts.

Dry eye doesn't change the shape of the cornea, but it does make it so there isn't enough of a tear layer to stop direct contact between the cornea and lens. This makes wearing standard contacts hard or impossible since the lens can then be prominently felt.

While all of these conditions can preclude wearing typical contacts, there are still options available. These options are what is being referred to by the phrase "hard to fit contact lenses." Which ones will be recommended depends on your eyes and any conditions that are affecting them.

How Are You Fitted for Special Contact Lenses?

Fitting for special lenses often includes the use of more-advanced instruments for measuring your eye. By getting measurements that are extra-precise, your ophthalmologist can get the most exact fit possible.

Just as importantly, eye doctors in Phoenix that focus on hard to fit patients will have more knowledge of alternative contact lens options than a generalist does. This opens up the possibility of solutions that you haven't tried before or didn't have access to. These include lenses with larger diameters, different types of lens materials, and even wearing more than one set of contacts at once.

What is Measured During a Contact Lens Exam?

The first part of an exam for any sort of corrective lenses includes tests to find out how well you see. Prescriptions for contacts are adjusted for the fact that the lenses will sit directly on your eyes instead of in front of them like glasses would.

Next, it'll be time for the fitting exam. This is the part that is essential to ensuring the usefulness and comfort of your lenses. Your eyes will be measured for pupil and/or iris size, corneal curvature, and tear film quality. Lenses will be prescribed based on these measurements.

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