Low Vision FAQs

As you grow older, you’re more susceptible to eye diseases that can lead to a visual impairment called low vision. Although anyone can suffer from low vision, it’s more often found in elderly adults. These frequently asked questions from Eye Doctors of Arizona in Phoenix will explain more about low vision causes, symptoms, and “treatment”.


What is low vision?

Low vision is a visual impairment that can’t be corrected by surgery, medications or eyewear. People with low vision only have partial sight. Blurred vision, tunnel vision, and blind spots are common characteristics of this condition.

What causes low vision?

Low vision is the result of damage to different parts of your eye from diseases like age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataracts. Medical conditions like a stroke or traumatic brain injury can also result in low vision.

What are some signs that I may have low vision?

Low vision can affect both your near and distance vision. You may have a hard time reading, watching TV, driving, cooking or even distinguishing people’s faces. You may struggle with simple tasks like matching clothes or performing household chores. The use of prescription eyewear will not improve your vision and there are no surgical procedures that can restore your sight.

How is this condition diagnosed?

Our eye doctor can diagnose this condition through visual acuity testing during a comprehensive eye exam. We’ll also study your medical history to see if eye disorders run in your family as this could be the main indicator of low vision. Once it’s determined that you have low vision, our eye care specialist will conduct tests to define the extent of your vision loss.

What effect can low vision have on my life?

Low vision affects various aspects of your vision from visual clarity to depth perception, peripheral vision, and visual reflexes. Low vision can increase your risk of accidents, hinder you from performing daily tasks, and keep you from partaking in activities you enjoy.

How can I cope with low vision?

At Eye Doctors of Arizona, we offer low vision care services to help individuals cope with low vision. These services focus on enhancing your remaining sight to enable you to live an independent lifestyle.

Low vision care involves the use of low vision devices such as hand-held magnifiers, reading telescopes, and other aids to optimize and protect your remaining sight. Our eye doctor can personalize a low vision training program to meet your unique eye care needs.

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